We are very happy to be open again!

Off course we take the necessary precautions and work within the limitations that this pandemic currently presents.

To minimize the risk of contamination, we ask to cancel the appointment at:

  • Nose cold, cough, sore throat, diarrhea or fever

  • If a housemate is in home isolation (In that case you can make a new appointment after you have been free of complaints for at least 24 hours and / or 14 days after the last contact with your housemate in home isolation)

  1. We follow the policy of RIVM
  2. The work is done by appointment only
  3. We use the 1.5 meter policy in all areas, except in the treatment room
  4. There is a “no shaking hands policy” in the clinic
  5. At entrance you are requested to disinfect your hands
  6. Except for doctors, employees and clients do not speak to each other
  7. Do not arrive earlier than necessary and come alone (without a partner)
  8. You can only pay the treatment by pin or contactless. With cash payment can only be paid in exact change

Thanks for your cooperation!

Quinta de Vries