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Beauty lives on the inside and on the outside. The two go hand-in-hand. Life has a habit of leaving its mark on our faces. And wrinkles can be a beautiful thing, but some lines make us appear older than the age we feel. Others can give us a permanently weary or disgruntled expression. Luckily, there are ways and means to help. In changing what’s on the outside, we strive to create positive change on the inside, too.

Clinique takes your appearance seriously. Your face is a reflection of us as much as it is a reflection of you. Therefore, we are extremely careful and only work with the best specialists and the best resources. Proper injection requires years of experience. Our doctors know the different techniques for injecting and which products give the desired results. Their vision, skill and judgement are what make our clinic what it is.

We would like to rejuvenate you naturally. With us, you won’t see any smoothed faces or bloated lips. We don’t want to create plastic Barbie dolls. Through minor procedures, we help counteract the aging process. We know we are doing our job right when your friends are telling you ‘You’re looking great!”

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The Doctors

Drs. E. Soares

Drs. E. Soares

Cosmetic doctor

Drs. Elizia Soares is a cosmetic doctor and has been working in this field for over 7 years.
With her expertise and passion for aesthetic medicine, Drs. Elizia strives to help her clients enhance their natural beauty and feel more confident in their own skin.
Drs. Elizia is a recognized member of the NVCG and meets the strict requirements and guidelines of the association.

BIG number 299 08 84 05 01

Dr. A.M.J. Wassink

Dr. A.M.J. Wassink

Injectable doctor

Dr. Annemarie Wassink has worked for many years as an internist in various hospitals. She is now well known and specialized in performing injectable treatments such as Botox, Sculptra and fillers.
Dr. Annemarie is committed to quality and safety. Her goal is to make her clients feel satisfied and confident with their appearance while maintaining a natural look.

BIG number 790 51 04 36 01

Dr. H.T.F.M. Verzijl

Dr. H.T.F.M. Verzijl

Injectable doctor

Dr. Harriet Verzijl was originally a neurologist. After years of working in various hospitals, she decided to change course and continue in aesthetic medicine.
Meanwhile, Dr. Harriette has completely found her passion in cosmetic injectables and enjoys helping her clients rejuvenate and improve their appearance.

BIG number 090 45 26 56 01

Drs. R. Holtz

Drs. R. Holtz

Doctor eyelid surgery

Drs. Rogier Holtz is -together with his wife Drs. Floor Claus- working in Amsterdam at their own clinic ClausHoltz Aestetics.
He is affiliated with De Clinique exclusively for eyelid surgery.
The intake interview takes place at De Clinique, but the procedure in Amsterdam.
The checks are then also back at The Clinique.

BIG number 490 63 14 56 01


Botoxvanaf €95,00
Botox oksel-dry€395,- / €495, - / €595.-
Restylane/ fillersvanaf €285.-
Skinbooster Vitalvanaf €385.-
Profhilovanaf €300.-
Sculptra – per flacon€600.-


All of our doctors are BIG-registered
The BIG register includes doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, health care psychologists, psychotherapists, dentists, midwives and nurses. The registry was established under the Individual Health Care Professions Act (Wet BIG). Only those entered in the register are authorized by law to use this protected title. The expertise of registered professionals is thus recognizable to all. The registry includes individuals who have completed relevant government-recognized professional training. Health care providers in the BIG register must demonstrate every 5 years that they meet the requirements of their basic profession.

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What others think

The treatments are professional, the doctor works carefully and takes his time extensively.
You are approached personally and, not unimportantly, it is hygienic and clean.

I am so pleased with the result every time. The customer friendliness, expertise and basically everything is good there!

Super happy with this clinic that gives you a warm welcome every time.

Super advice by an experienced doctor. Very customer friendly and the Clinique is easily accessible.

What a good clinic and what good advice.
I had my lips done, but really super natural and not so overdone. Just perfectly done the way I wanted.

I have been coming here for more than 10 years. Quinta always looks for the best doctors. I recommend this clinic to everyone. Five stars at Google for a reason.

Very nice people with personalized treatment.
Good advice, takes time and very knowledgeable too.
Natural result.

I am super satisfied with the treatment.
The doctor is very knowledgeable and I recommend it to everyone. Besides the good result, they are also very involved with the customer.

Very nice clinic that is hygienic, where there are doctors who know what they are talking about, take time for treatment and are skilled in their profession.
Always quick response and never a problem. I love coming here.

I think Annemarie is really super relaxed! Thanks.

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