What is V Soft Lift?
The V Soft Lift – also known as the ‘thread lift’ – is a straightforward and quick form of face lift. The technique makes use of PDO threads; these are soluble sutures that have been used in surgical procedures for many years. The threads are placed under the skin. Tiny hooks produce a lifting effect and represent a safe and effective means of lifting specific parts of the face. The threads are broken down by the body within 200 days, providing temporary support. However, with collagen production stimulated as part of the process, patients enjoy the beneficial effects for far longer.

Which areas can be treated?
The V Soft Lift can be used to lift the forehead, eyebrows and cheeks (‘hamster cheeks’). The treatment is also suitable for firming the neck, below the chin and along the jaw line, as well as for the smoothing of wrinkles, including crows’ feet, nasolabial folds and even smoker’s wrinkles.

The treatment
Your skin will be locally anesthetised prior to treatment. The practitioner will introduce the threads underneath the skin using a needle. As the needle is withdrawn, the small hooks on the thread adhere to the skin and keep the thread in place below the skin. The treatment takes between 30 minutes and an hour. The skin can appear swollen following treatment and there may be some slight bleeding at the insertion sites. This clears up on its own. Most people are able to resume work immediately after treatment.

Results are immediately visible after a single treatment. Because the threads stimulate collagen production, the results continue to improve for three to four months. The end result is a firmer, smoother looking face. The skin appears younger, fresher and fuller, with noticeably diminished wrinkles. The effects last between 12 and 24 months. A touch-up after 9 months prolongues the effects further.