Plastic surgery

In recent years, demand for aesthetic operations has increased considerably. Interventions such as eyelid, ear and nose corrections, facelifts, breast enlargements and reductions, thigh lifts and liposuction are becoming more and more commonplace. That’s why De Clinique has teamed with renowned Belgian plastic surgeon, Katrien Lagey.

Highly experienced plastic surgeon
Dr. Lagey has a wealth of experience as a plastic surgeon in the Netherlands and Belgium. She currently performs plastic surgery in various clinics and hospitals in Belgium, with microsurgery as an additional specialisation. Katrien Lagey is very highly regarded, both Belgium and the Netherlands.

Free consultation
Are you considering cosmetic surgery? Dr. Lagey is offering De Clinique patients a free consultation. Dr. Lagey distinguishes herself through her honest approach and clear advice to patients: “People often sit a long time with an aesthetic issue they’d like to have resolved. What matters most is a desirable outcome; if I’m ever unsure that the desired result can be achieved, I advise patients against the procedure.”

Competitive prices
The cost of plastic surgery in Belgium has been considerably lower than in the Netherlands for many years now. The standard of surgery however is – at the very least – on a par. At De Clinique, we see this as reason enough to offer procedures in Belgium, giving you the quality you deserve at a significantly reduced cost. Our surgery is performed in Antwerp.

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