All our Practitioners are BIG-registered

The BIG register includes doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, health care psychologists, psychotherapists, dentists, midwives and nurses. The register was established on the basis of the Individual Health Care Professions Act (Law BIG). Only those who are registered in the register are authorized to use this protected title by law. The expertise of the registered professional practitioners is thus recognizable for everyone. The register contains persons who have attended a relevant vocational training recognized by the government. Care providers in the BIG register must demonstrate every 5 years that they meet the requirements that apply to their basic profession.

Drs. Cleo Edwards: BIG 99 14 26 46 01
Drs. Rogier Holtz: BIG 49 06 31 45 601
Drs. Kajal Visscher Surajbali: BIG 19 91 32 71 601
Drs. Esther de Vries: BIG 39 91 63 71 201