Radiesse is a non-permanent dermal filler that plumps and smooths out wrinkles. Radiesse works both in the short- and long term: on application, the product fills facial lines instantly, but also stimulates collagen production within the skin for the months that follow, producing an even better effect. One of the greatest benefits of Radiesse is its longevity – effects are visible for up to a year or beyond.

Prices of Radiesse treatment with De Clinique:

The price of a Radiesse treatment will be calculated per unit of product used. The amount required will depend on the depth of your wrinkles and your own wishes and expectations. Your practitioner will be able to give you a fairly accurate indication of the amount of product necessary to achieve the desired effect.

0,8 ml. Radiesse€ 385,-
1,3 ml. Radiesse€ 560,-
1,5 ml. Radiesse€ 635,-