The active component in Botox is Botulium Toxin. Botulium toxin is a temporary muscle relaxant on a natural basis and ideal for treating crow’s feet, frown lines between the eyebrows and creases on the forehead. Botox relieves the facial muscles, allowing the wrinkles to relax and soften for a period of on average three to six months. Regular treatments are needed for the effects to be retained, though the intervals between appointments will increase over time.

The treatment prices for Botox with De Clinique are as follows:

Botox (both Azzalure and other top brands)Prices
1/2 Botox region (Baby Botox, several locations)€ 95,-
1 Botox region, for example:
- Crow’s feet both sides
- Frown line between the eyebrows
- Crease on forehead
€ 160,-
2 Botox regions:
For example a combination of crow’s feet and frown line
€ 295,-
3 Botox regions:
Crow’s feet, frown line and crease on forehead
€ 420,-
Anti perspiration treatment (Botox Oksel-Dry)€ 495,-