VITAL is part of the well-known product Restylane®. Restylane is known as a filler based on hyaluronic acid, but in the same range there is also a skin improvement product under the name Vital. Our experience is that you can achieve very good results with this.

Vital consists of very small balls of hyaluronic acid. The balls are so small that you cannot recognize them as a ball with the naked eye, because the product is liquid.

You can fill the skin with Vital, without it looking like a filler. Then you have to think of very fine lines. You make the skin a bit thicker.

For example, the result is very nice with skin that was once damaged by acne. You can then fill those tiny holes one by one with a little Vital, making the skin smooth again. That is really precision work, but with great results!

Furthermore, it is often used for the fine lines in the neck, but also cleavage or hands can get a whole improvement with Vital.

Vital remains in the skin for around 12 months, but is often offered in a cure form. It also activates the skin itself to get back to work and improve itself.