With age, the eyelids can start to sag. This results in a tired appearance, a heavy feeling above the eyes and sometimes headaches. Eyelid correction resolves these issues. It is a minor procedure with major results.

Who is an eyelid correction suitable for?
Eyelid correction – also known as an eyelift – is a good option if you look tired but don’t feel tired. Drooping or heavy eyelids are common. This is usually the result of aging, but it can also be genetic. If you suffer from or are bothered by drooping eyelids, an eyelid correction offers a solution.

The procedure
In an eyelid correction, excess skin tissue is removed from the upper eyelids; sometimes along with excessive fat tissue. Prior to the procedure, the surgeon will mark exactly where the incisions are to be made. The skin is then removed using an electrical device.

Eyelid corrections are performed under local anaesthetic. The needles can cause some brief discomfort, but from there on, the procedure is pain-free. Afterwards, the skin is stitched with subcuticular sutures. The area is then cooled for ten minutes with cooling glasses to reduce the risk of swelling.

The procedure takes around 90 minutes.

The result
For the first few days following the procedure, the area around your eyes will be bruised and swollen. The worst of the swelling and bruising passes after around ten days. This is when most people will go back to work.

The final results of the operation are visible after around three months.

About Drs. Rogier Holtz
Rogier completed his medical studies in 2002 and started his career off training in plastic surgery. He later transitioned into general medical practice, though his fascination for aesthetic medicine remained, and led to him combining both specialisations, as he does today.

Eyelid corrections by Drs. Rogier will be performed externally in the Claus Holtz clinic in Amsterdam.

Prize: € 850,- for both upper eyelids