The perfect smile
An attractive smile is a key part of your appearance and can knock years off you. De Clinique is collaborating with dentist Dr. Erdal Kumkumoglu to offer custom specialist treatments, including crowns and bridges of the highest quality, at a fraction of the usual cost.

About the dentist
Dr. Erdal Kumkumoglu has run a successful independent practice in Istanbul, Turkey since 1994. Established by Dutch and Turkish partners, this practice was the first of its kind to offer dental treatments in Turkey. Dr. Kumkumoglu worked and lived in the Netherlands for a number of years and speaks perfect English, as well as Dutch. He specialises in implants, crowns and bridges. He also preforms many gum and jawbone procedures.

Dr. Kumkumoglu works exclusively with the best (Swiss) materials and zirconium. Porcelain combinations are also an option. For details and information, go to

Prices for dental treatments in Turkey are significantly lower than in the Netherlands. In most cases, you will be paying a mere third of the price you would be paying in the Netherlands for the same – or better – quality care. An invoice will be provided for insurance purposes. Depending on the package you have, your insurance company will reimburse a portion of the cost.

Next steps
If you are in need of a crown, bridge or dental implant, consult your own dentist first. Discuss your wishes and the various options available. Be sure to also inquire about the materials used and request a quote. Once you have received a quote, let your dentist know that you are considering treatment elsewhere (in Istanbul). Ask after your dentist’s thoughts and tell them that you would like a second opinion and will get back to them. Your dentist will advise you that there are both very bad and very good dentists in Istanbul. This is true. For reference: the dentist voted best in the world is incidentally from Istanbul. Three of the world’s top ten dentists are located in Istanbul.

You can book a free consultation at De Clinique with Dr. Kumkumoglu. Dr. Kumkumoglu returns to the Netherlands a number of times a year to consult at De Clinique, he will visit De Clinique the first week of december this year.
He will be able to advise you of the options available and provide you with an estimate of the cost of your treatment in Turkey. The decision to proceed with treatment is then entirely up to you.